Container Management

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As one of the market leaders, Jobe Waste Systems also provides the following bin management services depending on the specific needs of our clients;

  • Bin locking mechanism
  • Installation of RFID

Collection and Recycling

Your challenges are our solutions!!

Jobe Waste Systems have a sustainability policy in place that makes use of high-quality recyclable material for the manufacturing of their containers.

Due to the confidence that we have in the quality of our products, Jobe has introduced a policy to recover used Jobe Waste bins for the purpose of recycling and future use.

Container Registration

There are still many areas where no bin identification methods exist, therefore at this time no guarantees can be offered. This being said though, the Jobe two wheeled bins range comes standard with a nine digit serial number, hot foiled in white on the side of the container body.

The serial number incorporates the month and year of manufacture, thus enabling us to offer a guarantee on the bins.