Jobe Municipal offers a specific range of products that are aimed at providing turn-key solutions into the Municipal sector. These solutions deal directly with the manufacture of industry specific waste containers, door-to-door delivery of containers, supply of waste collection vehicles, collections and the implementation of recycling programs.

Jobe provides Local authorities with the option of rental based solutions that include the maintenance and cleaning of the waste containers and collection vehicles. This option unburdens local authorities from an ownership perspective. We provide the flexibility of rental agreements, simplifying access to our waste management solutions.

Jobe Industrial Company provides tailor made Waste Management solutions for Local Municipalities, Metro Councils, the Commercial Sector, and Retailers through South Africa - including SADC exports:

  • Four Wheeled Containers
  • Two Wheeled Bins
  • Pole Mounted Litter Bins
  • Heavy Duty Bins
  • Custom Industry specific Crates